Helps you to become a better trader and sharper investor.

We promote a financial tool that will sharpen your investment skills and widen your knowledge for more accurate and timely decisions relying on technical analysis triggers and other mathematical and esoteric signals.





To sharpen the skills of dealers and individual investors in their trading decisions and strategies





To enhance education and professional qualifications of its members (market traders and individual investors) such as promoting the CFTe exam (International Certificate in Technical Analysis)





To develop friendly and professional relations among financial markets specialists in order to exchange experience and knowledge





To create and promote events that are related to financial market instruments





To organize meetings and seminars with qualified speakers (local or foreigners) to enhance the academic qualifications of its members





To organize periodic Arab or International technical analysis meetings in Lebanon; and to participate in annual technical analysis events worldwide





To develop international co-operation in the area of technical analysis, discuss market expectations and explore new forecasting techniques





To collaborate with Lebanese official Financial Institutions and Bodies





To represent its members’ common interests in relation to state public administration bodies and to institutions and entities related





To keep friendly close relations and total cooperation with the IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts), and also with Arab Analysts Associations in the region





To expand the community of Technical Analysts in Lebanon

Goals and Objectives of the Association . The pillars upon which our non-lucrative association is built on are summarized in the following activities:
• Lectures given by highly qualified figures in the field of investments and TA;
• Periodical meetings aiming to facilitate the exchange of valuable information and markets’ analysis;
• Prepare for the CFTe internationally renkown diploma through courses elaborated with our partners (ESA);
• To boost communication among the network of members through social media and other similar electronic platforms.


If you have a specific question on matters relating to the LSTA, please email us at It will be forwarded to the appropriate LSTA Executive Committee Board member who will respond directly to you.

Georges Homsi.


Eduardo Fakhoury.

Vice President

Gregoire Azar.

Honorary President

Imad Bitar.