Through a local network of financial investors and internationally re-known educational professionals.

Basic Assumptions of Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis consists of a number of Methods used for evaluating all marketable Products.

The Market Discounts Everything

Technical Analysis assumes that, at any given time, the market price of any Underlying -the Currency / the Stock or the Commodity- reflects everything that has or could affect it, includin

The LSTA aims to group the largest number of financial investors in a community where investments ideas and related subjects could be exchanged, analyzed or even debated by the members during events gatherings and or other social media communications means.

The most efficient financial investments decisions rely mostly on Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Such methods complete each other by giving a wider and clearer image on steps to follow. These methods could be compared to two customers in a mall.

Your passion in technical analysis and financial investments are the only door to access our LSTA closed circle. If you are a professional in the field of investments or a student seeking to develop yourskills and career prospects or any person with interest in the field of investments.

About us

The Lebanese Society of Technical Analysts – LSTA , is dedicated to promote in the local market, the efficient methods of chart analysis and help institutional and private investors to sharpen their financial investments decisions for a better performance and calculated risks.

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Tweet Buster: Waiting for Godot, Fomo factor & art of stock picking
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

The hopes are high that it would give the stock market a much-needed leg up.

Tech Mahindra divests 73.38% stake in subsidiary to US-based Resolve Systems for $2 million
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

The transaction is expected to be completed by November 15, 2019.

Expected stimulus, attractive valuations to prop up equities
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

Analysts opined that investors are awaiting a stimulus package and relief for FPIs.

Trade setup: Broader market setup weak, but Nifty may attempt pullback
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

The market is set to see a stable opening and may remain range-bound in initial trade.

RBI directs banks to be more proactive on GMS
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

The RBI on August 16 directed all scheduled commercial banks to promote the GMS.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank files DRHP for Rs 1,200 crore IPO
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

USFB seeks to raise Rs 1,200 cr, including reservation of equity shares up to Rs 120 cr.

Global factors to determine market trend this week
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

Participants are also awaiting measures from the government to boost sentiment.

9 of the top 10 firms lose Rs 84,354 crore in market valuation last week
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

During the holiday-curtailed week, the BSE Sensex lost 231.58 points.

FPIs pull out Rs 8,319 crore in August amid persisting negative sentiment
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

However, FPIs invested a net Rs 2,096.38 crore in the debt securities during the period.

Fear factor for US consumer is rising, fueling recession risk
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

“We have nothing to fear about a recession right now except for the fear of recession”.

$20 million Porsche flops in auction snafu
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

There were no more bids after $17 million. Since $17 million was below the reserve price -- or minimum required by the seller -- RM Sotheby's pulled the lot.

This fall upscale travelers are hunting for new adventures. Here is where they are finding them.
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

Tried-and-true destinations remain popular but a number of new destinations are emerging as the rich seek out more private, low-key travel experience or travel with family on multigenerational trips.

Why Apple doesn't want users to replace their own batteries
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

The MacBook Pro recall and its subsequent ban from flights underscores the increasing brand risk from problems with lithium-ion batteries.

The $1 billion-hop across the pond and the other airline routes that make the most money
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

Business-traveler heavy routes like trans-Atlantic and transcontinental flights bring in the most revenue for airlines, which are racing to add more premium seats aboard their planes.

Amazon execs contributed to Congressional antitrust probe leader two months before July hearing
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

Experts say the timing of Amazon executives' contributions to Rep. David Cicilline likely reflect the company's heightened urgency over growing regulatory scrutiny.

There are now 175 online mattress companies—and you can't tell them apart
Posted on Sunday August 18, 2019

Experts say many mattresses being sold are actually very similar — despite how they're marketed.

The often-hated open floor plan gets a new savior: The office pod
Posted on Saturday August 17, 2019

In recent years, pods have been embraced in offices across the nation. They provide a quiet space for office workers to conduct important phone calls, focus on their work, or take a quick break.

Massive Arctic wildfires emitted more CO2 in June than Sweden does in an entire year
Posted on Saturday August 17, 2019

Scientists say the smoke plumes, filled with megatons of tiny, harmful particles, could travel to other areas of the world and cause serious respiratory problems for people.

Weight Watchers eyes a new clientele: Children
Posted on Saturday August 17, 2019

Some Weight Watchers loyalists applaud Kurbo by WW. But nutritionists worry Kurbo promotes an unhealthy relationship with food during an especially impressionable time.

Pebble Beach car week isn't for budget travelers. Prices get jacked for tickets, hotels, even gas
Posted on Saturday August 17, 2019

Thousands of people descend on the normally quiet Monterey Peninsula coast for what has come to be known as "Pebble Beach car week," but it is not an event for those on a tight budget.