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Basic Assumptions of Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis consists of a number of Methods used for evaluating all marketable Products.

The Market Discounts Everything

Technical Analysis assumes that, at any given time, the market price of any Underlying -the Currency / the Stock or the Commodity- reflects everything that has or could affect it, includin

The LSTA aims to group the largest number of financial investors in a community where investments ideas and related subjects could be exchanged, analyzed or even debated by the members during events gatherings and or other social media communications means.

The most efficient financial investments decisions rely mostly on Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Such methods complete each other by giving a wider and clearer image on steps to follow. These methods could be compared to two customers in a mall.

Your passion in technical analysis and financial investments are the only door to access our LSTA closed circle. If you are a professional in the field of investments or a student seeking to develop yourskills and career prospects or any person with interest in the field of investments.

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The Lebanese Society of Technical Analysts – LSTA , is dedicated to promote in the local market, the efficient methods of chart analysis and help institutional and private investors to sharpen their financial investments decisions for a better performance and calculated risks.

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Bet on these metal stocks for 10-15% upside
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

We are seeing firm iron ore and steel prices and the production is also good. The valuations are also justified as the last quarter results for both Tata Steel and JSW Steel were quite promising and the commentary was also very robust from the management side.

Don't get carried away by rally, have a balanced portfolio
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

'By balanced portfolio I clearly mean the type of portfolio where one part of the market will be more or less consumption or healthcare or if I can count insurance as a part of healthcare. Also, you can play with a lot of banks or cement or some niche capital goods companies. '

Kunal Bothra's trading ideas for next week
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

I think 13,200 is a reasonably strong support level which one can anticipate and keeping that as a stop loss traders can hold on to the long positions.

Dalal Street week ahead: Market to remain stock & sector specific; watch Dollar Index
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

The market stayed much less volatile than expected, which added consensus to the directional move. After staying in a 450-point trading range during the truncated week, the index ended with gains for the fifth week in a row.

TCPL to sell MAP Coffee business to Buccheri Group in Rs 6 crore deal
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

MAP Coffee was established in 2002 and supplied Australian cafes, restaurants and bars with a range of Italian and locally roasted coffee. It joined TCPL in 2014.

Looking for value? Cement stocks could be your top bets
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

'Being the largest player in this space, the upcoming expansion plan of UltraTech is a very welcome move and there is definitely a lot of money to be made in this stock.'

Timeless investing lessons from a man Buffett called his mentor
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

Carret's investment journey stood the test of time and withstood the Great Depression, the Second World War and numerous market cycles in a career that spanned 31 bull markets, 30 bear markets and 20 recessions.

How to use derivatives to make extra buck beyond capital gains & dividends
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

With any derivative contract – including when options are sold -- the investor is able to underwrite the risk assuming a notional value, which is the multiple of the margin that the investor gives to his/her broker.

Wall Street Week Ahead: After blazing energy rally, investors check the fuel gauge
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

Energy shares overall soared nearly 27 per cent in November, leading the charge among sectors expected to benefit from the broad economic revival promised by encouraging developments for several vaccines against Covid-19.

In RBI’s inflation-growth balancing, growth is big winner in this round
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

Normally, with this kind of elevated inflation scenario, the regulator would have treaded a more careful path. However, given the extraordinary situation, the RBI decided to give growth a priority over immediate price stability.

Ford delaying Bronco SUV to summer 2021 due to Covid-related issues
Posted on Friday December 04, 2020

Ford is delaying the launch of its upcoming Bronco SUV from spring to summer of next year due to coronavirus-related problems in its supply chain.

Stay-at-home order issued for San Francisco Bay Area, ahead of state mandate
Posted on Friday December 04, 2020

San Francisco Bay Area health officials announced on Friday that they would implement California's new stay-at-home order early.

CDC advisor says kids could get Covid vaccine in the second half of 2021
Posted on Friday December 04, 2020

Children and young teens could get a Covid-19 vaccine in the second half of next year, an advisor for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

McDonald's is passing along more fees to franchisees, reigniting tensions
Posted on Friday December 04, 2020

McDonald's plans to pass along more fees to franchisees next year, risking the wrath of its U.S. operators.

WHO warns Covid reinfections may occur as data suggests antibodies wane
Posted on Friday December 04, 2020

World Health Organization officials on Friday warned that recent data suggests people who were once infected with the coronavirus could be infected again.

CDC quietly adjusted Covid death data, shows higher relative toll on Black, Hispanic people
Posted on Friday December 04, 2020

The CDC's previous infographic, which downplayed the disproportionate burden on communities of color, was widely shared.

Only 25 Republican lawmakers have acknowledged Biden's win over Trump, report says
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

Nearly 90% of all Republicans in Congress, 222 lawmakers, would not say who won the election, according to a new Washington Post survey.

Tom Brady’s company TB12 received more than $960,000 PPP loan
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

NFL quarterback Tom Brady's sports performance and nutrition company received a Paycheck Protection Program loan of $960,855 from the federal government,

Covid is killing more than 2,000 people a day in the U.S. as infections and hospitalizations hit records
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

The U.S. has reported more than 2,000 Covid-19 deaths daily for four consecutive days as hospital systems are stretched to their limits.

Charity CEO warns of the impact of Covid on conservation in Africa
Posted on Saturday December 05, 2020

The co-founder and CEO of charity Tusk, Charles Mayhew, told CNBC that the economic impact of the pandemic had been "huge" in Africa.